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'This talented  duo always have a dramatic element to their live shows and tonight they enchanted with a new creation blending some of their familiar songs and new material to take us on a trip through time, from the 16th century to 21st. Describing the experiences of wise, strong women in impossible situations... From their live set came the dramatic Pendle Witches and One Small Voice...  All the songs delivered with Pat’s passionate vocals and Nuala’s clever bass accompaniment, whistle and pipes...'

                                               Howard King, At The Barrier 20.10.23

Ever Changing Blue is the first album from Cobalt Tales, a new folk duo made up of multi-instrumentalist songwriters Pat Sherrington and Nuala Keller. They have used their experience and much encouragement from family and colleagues to put together an eclectic collection of songs that should have you looking out for their next live performance which exudes personality and musical expertise...

...Mellowness and rockier moments blend wonderfully with the thought-provoking themed songs and a well-balanced production. Their songs can be sensitive without being sickly, delicate but not dreary, rocky without being rowdy. The ever-changing moods,  exquisite vocals  and subtle musicianship make for an extremely entertaining listen whether you want something to warm a chilly evening indoors or cheer a dull car journey... 9.1.23


...‘The calibre of their song-writing is second to none on the folk circuit...



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H. King: At The Barrier - Live music, reviews and opinion

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